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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things I learned about Graduation- GET OUT!

GET OUT!   click on image to make larger
I had heard rumor of this, but did not know what the previous graduates meant, until I experienced it myself.  Look at the schedule. Take note, graduates are supposed to check out of their room between 8 and 1. What, they have not even graduated.  What are they to do with their stuff?  This is really rude, but that is just my opinion.

 This did not concern me because I paid to stay an extra night.  But I still felt a little shunned. There is more on the costs and details of this extra night thing on this blog. You can only stay 3 nights. Pick which one. If you are traveling from a long distance you will have no choice, but to pay for an extra night.  All of those fees and details are in this blog.


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