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Friday, February 17, 2012

A wonderful look at "packet" work by Bert Emerson

Introducing.... Bert Emerson!

If you missed Bert's graduating presentation this residency then you missed a good laugh.
If you are a new student and looking for ways to inspire your packet work you absolutely must check out Bert's packets.

What a cleaver way to do your G1 "packet" work.
To see the work of Bert's G1 study follow this link. 

You could say that in G2 Bert really learned how to unpack his study.

Bert posted all of his packets online for his advisers. I can't imagine being one of Bert's advisors and the anticipation of what he was going to come up with next.
Thanks so much for sharing this Bert. 

You really need to go to all of these pages and hover over each, then see where Bert takes you.

His family sees the light at the end of the tunnel and gets into this one.

But, low and behold, Bert has put his entire portfolio online.  Wow.  So cool .
Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.
To see the work of Bert's G5 study  and read his portfolio follow this link. 


  • Thanks Bert and Bridgette
    Fascinating and inspiring! xoxo

    By Anonymous Annis, at 7:04 AM  

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